Non-Profit Website Design Case Study

How I created a new non-profit website design for an autism and ADHD organisation.

Non-Profit Website Design

Outside-iN is a community interest company and voluntary organisation. They do fantastic work supporting those living with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), ADHD and associated conditions. This case study explores their new non-profit website design.

Outside-iN also teamed up with other local agencies to launch the Bedfordshire Autism & ADHD Toolkit which included support groups, parent coaching and support in the home. The toolkit was developed and launched alongside their new website.


Firstly, the client’s new website design and support with launching their toolkit project needed to take place at the same time. This was both a challenge and an opportunity. The deadlines were challenging; however, working on both allowed for my consultancy to have greater insight into a wider range of the organisation’s goals.

Although the client had an existing website, the CMS was not fit for purpose. Much of the written content was out of date or in production. There was no library of photography or graphics to use other than the organisation’s logo. No analytics were in place for the existing website, so it would not be possible to know which web pages/content on the website were popular with visitors.

Specifically, for the toolkit project, marketing consultancy was needed to define how awareness would be raised. Raising awareness was going to be difficult as there was no designated marketing budget. The project also required a new printed booklet design that could be handed to referring public/professional agencies and service users. As part of my brief, I was tasked with creating a landing page on a separate non-profit organisation’s website.

Additionally, for the toolkit project, I would have input from multiple agencies and not just the client. Gaining approvals and receiving the necessary input was essential to staying within deadlines.


Consultancy was essential to ensure the non-profit website design supported organisational goals and was future-proof. It was decided that the new website would use the WordPress CMS. By using WordPress, we could reduce the chance of the client requiring a complete website rebuild down the road. The new non-profit website design also included functionality that could be turned on should the client need it, online booking, for example.

As visual assets were limited, I created new custom graphics for the website. Working with the client a new website structure was made and all written content updated before being uploaded. So that the client’s website performance could be monitored and actioned in the future, I set up Google Analytics and defined goal metrics.

Using input from the client and partner agencies, I created a visual identity for the toolkit. This visual identity linked the agency’s brands together while being a standalone identity. Using this new identity, I then designed the booklet.

New graphics were created to communicate the toolkit’s message and selling points. I helped the partner agencies to use these in the creation of landing pages on their own separate websites.

In order to support the client with raising awareness, I decided to provide some additional training and consultancy. This was specifically surrounding social media promotion. By showing how these channels could be utilised for free, it was decided that paid marketing was unnecessary with the project target figures.

Non Profit Graphic Design


Their new non-profit website design was launched and well-received by staff members. Feedback from service users and the general public was positive. Over the following months, I continued to support the client with learning how to update their website.

As awareness of the toolkit project increased, the client saw a significant rise in the number of referrals received from both the public and professional agencies.

“We are really happy with the services Paul and his team provided for us. This included website, social media and print design. We highly recommend using them to other non-profit organisations.” – Outside-In

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